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The goal of the Delphi Project is to define, design and establish a permanent, self-sustaining community, "Delphi," on Earth's Moon.

The minimum viable population and the project completion date goals are to be determinded.

The Functions of Delphi:

Delphi Forums

In order to facilitate collaboration on the Delphi Project, The Apollo Society will sponsor forums on these pages and in other forms.

Forum reports and discussions will be published on line and in other forms for public review as a service of The Apollo Society.

Though the details of Delphi will change as knowledge and technology advance, the concrete vision embodied by Delphi will continue to provide a clear focus for the efforts of The Apollo Society.

The Delphi Project develoment forums are divided into the following four categories;

Site Selection and Survey (safety, available resources, functionality, activities)

Design (minimum number of occupants, utilities, supplies, life support, recreation, etc..)

Construction (hardware, supply, logistics requirements until final 'initial' assembly).

Habitation (economics, industry, governance)

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