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The Apollo Society provides the following educational programs and services
to broaden and deepen public awareness of space exploration and its benefits for all.

Current Education Programs:

On-line Educational and Informational Pages

Space Related Links

To facilitate collaboration and access to information, The Apollo Society produced and maintains the following indices of links to space related information, images, educational services and resources:

 The Apollo Launch Pad
 The Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Missions
* Hawai`i in Space

The Apollo Society provides a link to the NASA Apollo 40th Anniversary page here and on its home page.

* NASA Apollo 40th Anniversary

Originial Literature:

* To the Moon! by Gregory A. Smith & Chris A. Peterson - (space exploration history)

* SPACEUPDATE - News on Human and Robotic Space Exploraton
(Discontinued, archives available)

The Apollo Society is proud to host and maintain the home page of the Hawai`i Space Society, a chapter of the National Space Society:
* Hawaii Space Society

Public Presentations:

The Apollo Society is a co-sponsor of The Hawaii Space Lecture Series.

The Apollo Society is a co-sponsor of SpaceWeek Hawaii - Apollo 11 Anniversary events in Hawaii

The Apollo Society provides Science Fair awards for student projects that reflect the mission of The Apollo Society.
 Science Fair Awards


If you would like to collaborate or contribute to this or any of The Apollo Society programs,

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