The Apollo Launch Pad:

Luna; Earth's Moon

Current Lunar Missions:

* SMART-1 European Space Agency

Lunar Missions being planned:

* Chandrayaan-1 (Hindi for Voyage to the Moon) Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

* China's Moon Flights from

Chang'e-1 (named after the Chinese Goddess of the Moon)

* LUNAR-A - Japan

* Selene - Japan

The Moon

 Lunar Picture of the Day
* Welcome to the Planets - Moon Gallery Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
* Nine Planets - The Moon - by Bill Arnett
* Views of the Solar System - by Calvin J. Hamilton
* Moon Page - National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
* The Moon Photo Gallery - NSSDC
 Exploring the Moon Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
 Exploring the Moon Space Studies, University of North Dakota
 The Moon in 3-D CEPS, NASM
 The Inconstant Moon by Kevin Clarke, UK
 Lunar Nomenclature USGS
 Exploring the Moon by Charles Wood, Space Studies, University of North Dakota
 Cheryl Robertson's Whole Moon Page
 The Moon in Science Fiction

Lunar Phases
 Phases of the Moon 1990-2005 U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department
 Lunar Day/Night Map by John Walker, Fourmilab
 Lunar Phases year 1 to 2084 by Chris Osburn, Lunar Outreach Services

Previous Missions to the Moon:

The Apollo Missions to the Moon - See the Apollo Launch Pad special page:
 Mercury, Gemini and Apollo
 Top Ten Scientific Discoveries Made During Apollo Exploration of the Moon.
Planetary Materials Curation, NASA JSC

Past Robotic Lunar Missions
Ranger, Luna, Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter, Zond, Galileo Flyby

 Lunar Exploration at the NSSDC
 Lunar Exploration Timeline (NSSDC)
 Ranger 7, 8 and 9 (1961-1965)
 Surveyor 1-7 (1966-1968)
 Lunar Orbiter 1-5 (1966-1967)
 Soviet Missions (Luna and Zond)
 Galileo Lunar Flyby

Clementine (1994)
 Clementine (1994)NSSDC
 Clementine - USGS Images
 Clementine Mission Overview
 Clementine Experiments and Data at NSSDC
 Other Clementine Data (other than images)
 Clementine Project Information NSSDC
 Clementine CD-ROMs NSSDC
 Clementine Lunar Image Browser Naval Research Lab

Lunar Prospector (1998)
 Lunar Prospector Home Page
 Lunar Prospector Data
 Lunar Prospector Mission Lunar and Planetary Institute
 Lunar Prospector NSSDC

Current Lunar Robotic Missions
 SMART-1 European (ESA) Lunar orbiting mission

Lunar Robotic Mission Concepts:
 Lunar Rover Initiative (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute)

Lunar Atlases and Data
 Map-A-Planet NASA Planetary Data System
 Lunar Data Index at NSSDC
 Consolidated Lunar Atlas Lunar and Planetary Institute
 Digital Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon Lunar and Planetary Institute
 Lunar Orbiter Data: Digitization and Cartographic Processing
 Lunar Prospector Data Visualization

Lunar Education
 Lunar Republic

Lunar Science Research
 PDS Map-A-Planet Moon Top Page Planetary Data System
 Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
 36th LPSC March 14-18, 2005 (sponsored by the LPI)
 Center for Earth and Planetary Science, NASM

 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Publications
 AGU Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR)- Planets

Lunar Base Work

Lunar Base Workers:

 The Delphi Project
 International Lunar Exploration Working Group

 Lunar Base Designs aerospacescholars
 The Artemis Project
 International Lunar Exploration Working Group
 Lunar Architecture
 Lunar Reclamation Society
 The Lunar Resources Company
 The Lunar Society
 Oregon L5 - Lunar Base Research Team
 The Moon Society
 Project Leto
 National Space Society
 Space Age Publishing Company

 Space-Frontier Foundation
 Space Studies Institute
 Lunar Base as a Precursor to Mars Exploration and Settlement by Wendell W. Mendell

 Lunar Underground Web Ring

Lunar Base Simulations

A Lunar Lander simulator by  SpaceDev can be found in the SpaceDev "Products" page.

 Oregon L5 - Lunar Base Research Team

Lunar Resources

 Resources from Space (course notes NEEP602/Geology 376)
 CNN SCI-TECH Space - 05 March 1998 - Scientist: There is ice on the moon
 "Ice on the Bone Dry Moon" by Dr. Paul D. Spudis in "Planetary Science Research Discoveries"
 Map of Large Dark Mantling Deposits Volcano World
 Rocks and Soils from the Moon
 Schroter's Valley 1 Volcano World
 Schroter's Valley 2 Volcano World

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