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Mars General Information:

* Mars at: Welcome to the Planets Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)
* Mars at: Nine Planets - by Bill Arnett
* Exploring the Planets CEPS, NASM
* NSSDC Mars Page
* NSSDC Photo Gallery - Mars
* Mars Fact Sheet NSSDC
* Mars Today
* Mars Links (lots of Mars links) SEDS
* The Red Planet: A Survey of Mars 2nd Ed. (1997) JSC - LPI slideset
* Atlas of Mars and Viking Orbiter image-finder NASA ARC

Mars Exploration Missions

* Mars Exploration Chronology
* Mars Mission Launch Sequence (chronology since 1960) Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
* Chronology of Mars Exploration NSSDC

Proposed Human Crewed Mars Missions


* The Ames Mars Atmosphere Modeling Group Homepage
* ASU Mars K-12 Education Program
* The Daily Martian Weather Report MGS Radio Science Team
* Mars Quest
* International Mars Data Base
* Live From Mars Teacher's Guide
* The Geological History of Mars CMEX
* An Exobiological Strategy for Mars Exploration (text) CMEX
* The Case for Mars
* Mars Mission Research Center North Carolina State University
* Mars Home Page NSSDC
* NASA Center for Mars Exploration CMEX
* Mars Related Documents (text) CMEX
* The Martian Sun-Times Martian Weather
* NASA Exploring Mars JSC
* NASA SpaceLink: Mars K-12 MSFC
* The Mars Society
* The Mars Millennium Project A National Arts, Sciences, Technology Education Initiative

Mars Research Articles

* Planetery Science Research Discoveries (Archive of Mars Articles)
* Life on Mars? includes many Mars-related links Federation of American Scientists
* Ancient Life on Mars? JSC

Face On Mars

* NSSDC Images of the Cydonia Region of Mars

Martian Meteorites - Meteorites from Mars - Mars Meteorites

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